Learn the art of Belly dancing!

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Belly dancing is a great form of fitness, dance and self-expression.

Join Raizel and her group of ladies for a fun and exciting dance journey and self-discovery! Learn graceful and feminine movements that has transcended  from Middle Eastern and Oriental dance culture.

Inta Eih-groupshotBenefit of Belly Dancing:

  • Revitalise mind & body with breathing exercises.
  • Learn feminie movements & gain flexibility
  • Better posture while enjoy dancing with others!

Get body awareness,
enhance vitality, balance and beauty…

Belly dancing is for women!  No experience in any dance form is required.
Age, fitness level and the size of your belly are not barriers!
It is a great form which mothers, daughters and friends can get together, explore your own movement.

Make a date with us, bring a friend and enjoy getting into dance wellness together!


Learn a complete dance at the end of 8 weeks.Lexi App photo submission10Mar

Our belly dance classes runs in 8 weeks term.
Casual classes for beginners are available.


  • 1 class per week: $100
    (New Beginners add $10 for first time registration)
  • 2 classes per week : $160
  • Causal : $15 per class
  • Student rate $60 (16 and below) $80 (16 and above
  • Kids class: $50 (by interest. starting in Feb 2015 )

To register: email or call Raizel at 06-759 1739 or 027 739-1380


Beginners Level 1 -3  



Wednesdays, 5.30pm to 6.45pm (Beginners level 2-3),
Wednesdays, 7pm to 8pm (New Beginners level 1-2)

Fitzroy Golf Course, Club hall. (end of Record Street, New Plymouth)

What you will learn:
Basic moves to isolate different muscle groups. Awareness of posture, breathe and increase flexibility in your movements.
Walking and turning transitions.
Learn rhythm, coordination and increase core strength.

What you will learn:

Layering moves with stronger sense of body and spatial awareness. Rolls, pops and locks. Be able to dance and move with confidence and grace.

* Class is limited to 16 per session. As it is a popular class, please register and book your space early!


Intermediate & Performance Class



Mondays, 7pm to 8.15pm

Fitzroy Golf Course, Club hall. (end of Record Street, New Plymouth)

What you will learn:
Dance performance class with 5th Element group. Extend your solo creative movement with confidence and flair!  You will learn to  identify Arabic rhythms,
art of improvisation and tribal fusion.
You will also be challenged with other world music and dance styles.
Experience partnering with others, working with live musicians. 
We introduce dancing with props to extend dance repertoire with veils, fan veils, Isis wings, tribal skirts and more.



Director, Instructor and Choreographer

Vibrant and energetic, Raizel is a passionate, emotive dancer, entertainer and instructor with lyrical music interpretation. With more than a decade of teaching & performing experience, her focus in class is to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere to support your dance journey.

“5th Element Belly dancer- Dance wear & music starter pack”:

$88 dance package

So you’re hooked! You love belly dancing, the colorful costumes and accessories that goes with it.
You recognize that clothing is part of the whole package and
wearing dance outfit makes you feel confident and attractive

We have dance wear for sale and at special package price for 5th Element Dancers!

  • Dance wear with Choli top and stretchable pants ($60)
  • Chiffon coin hip scarf ($25)
  • Belly dance for Fitness  Music CD (18 Tracks-$10)

Term dates for 2015:

  • 12th January to 25th Feb
  • 2nd March to 22nd April
  • 27th April to 17th June
  • 22nd June to 12th Aug
  • 31st Aug to 21st Oct
  • 26th Oct to 16th Dec


N.B: No refunds when term payment is made and commenced.