Does Belly Dancing Burn Fat?

Regular cardio workouts at least four times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes of sustained vigorous, low impact exercise will alter the body’s BMI (basic metabolic index). In other words, dance, shimmy, do traveling moves and step to 120-130 BPM and the body will burn fat.

The music should be fast and steady. The arrangement of songs should build up, peak, and slow down only at the end. The key component to bellydance for fitness it posture, core strength and repetition.

A reasonable sweat is a sure sign of fat burning. The body does get used to certain exercise.

At 5th element, all classes we conduct will vary the movements used every few weeks.

Belly Dance to improve Digestion and assists Weight Loss

With regular abdominal work in your Belly dance, the digestive system is activated and strengthened through wave-like contractions of the muscles, which offer a kind of ‘internal massage’.

With Shimmies, also activate and stimulate the digestive process. With regular fast dancing, circulation improves, and therefore, so does digestion. The entire body’s cells are better nourished and the blood supply increases, resulting in an overall sense of “well-being” and increased energy levels.

“I have the Belly for it! Why does Weight stay around my Belly?”

WEIGHT GAIN through the middle of the body is the first sign of metabolic imbalance of insulin in the body. Unfortunately, it often accompanies the ageing process, and usually starts at around age 30!

Chinese medicine and Taoist exercises use the BEAR exercise to improve pancreatic function, by walking with the belly protruding to create a rubbing or massaging effect on the pancreas.

It is very similar to the abdominal movements used in Belly dance. Belly dance exercises that massage the pancreas are the abdominal exercises, including the hip circles, pelvic rolls and undulations.

Raising the arms actually helps lymph nodes under the armpit clear excess toxic waste from one’s body.

Lifting your arms is healthy and helps the detoxification. Rolling the belly and hips regulates the sex hormones produced by the gonads.

How to LOSE WEIGHT and Re-balance Insulin Levels

  • Avoid sugar and flour products which raise insulin levels dramatically
  • Avoid large meals and have 6 small meals throughout the day
  • Have a fresh vegetable juice daily in the morning
  • Do the 3-4 Belly dance workouts a week
  • Do other creative artistic or sporting activities you enjoy 3 times a week. Chinese herbalists say pancreatic dysfunction occurs when life is too “serious!”

Emotional Re-balancing Through Dance

Belly dancing or an form of dance is an expressive, dynamic form of kinesthetic art.

Building awareness, movement, balance and spatial geometry, dance is a physical art.

By indulging in dance, it brings out emotive response through the body’s articulation of the music. On an emotional level it is liberating, uplifting and helps the dancer experience instinctive rhythmic patterns and feelings.
As an ancient fertility rite, Belly dancing directly supports sexual and sensual function of a woman’s body.

We hope belly dance improves all aspects of your life!: Fitness and hormonal re-balancing, confidence and communication, sensual expression, and live dynamically!!!

-adapted from Keti Sharif

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