Belly dance class FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Belly Dance Classes

What can I expect in belly dance class?

Each class is one hour long, including a warm up and cool down stretch. Each term is 8 weeks and you would learn foundation movements to isolate each muscle group, posture and technique of belly dance.
Each term, we introduce combinations of movements, complete into a full dance choreography.

  • Power stretch & breathing exercises
  • Isolation moves & technique to flex and strengthen various muscle groups with  music
  • Complete with full dance choreography, cool down relaxing stretch

In intermediate and advance class, we focus particular styles/props (veil, fan veils, Egyptian can with Saidi, Turkish, Spanish skirt fusion and flamenco..etc).


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes/ dance wear that you can stretch, with  your movements easily seen.
On footwear, we usually belly dance with bare feet so that we can ground ourselves to the ground.
Some ladies feel more comfortable to wear soft flat pumps or cotton shoes, so it was all personal preference.

Either leggings of yoga pants and a half top or just whatever is comfortable for you.

Hip scarves: Bring scarf to tie around your hips. We have coin hips scarves in class and for sale, so you can have them to practise at home.


How do I pay?

You can pay online via internet banking or direct deposit, or alternatively pay cash at class.

5th Element Dance Bank Account:
TSB Bank: 15-3953-0697525-10
Ref: Yourname-BDClass

Please use your name and “BDClass” as reference.


Can pregnancy or injury impede me from belly dancing?

Belly dancing is actually really beneficial for pregnancy and we have had ladies dancing till final trimester and days prior delivery! Of course we have to watch the type of movements we dance to and listen to your own body when belly dancing.
If you have any injury, or medical condition, you should consult your doctor for professional advice before attending classes. You can still take part in classes but please ensure that you notify your teacher of the condition.


Do I need dancing experience to belly dance?

Belly dancing is for anyone no matter what age, size, shape, background, dancing ability, or fitness level.
We encourage you give it a try, enjoy this new social hobby that comes with major health benefits!
You will  experience about new cultures, release any tension with mesmerizing music.
listen to to release dance movements suited to women’s bodies.

Belly dancing will improve posture, grace, co-ordination, flexibility, and body awareness.