Why hire bellydancers?

Belly Dance – A Celebration of Life!

Having dancers entertain at parties is a centuries old custom, an honored tradition in many parts of the world.

Did you know that having a belly dancer at an engagement party or wedding reception is considered to bring good luck and a future filled with healthy children to the couple? Some theories suggest that belly dance originated as a way to worship fertility deities in the ancient cultures & those who performed belly dance were considered to bring special favor to the couple for whom they danced.

Most dancing in the Middle East occurs in a social context, and we are carrying on that tradition as we bring the sounds, sights, and rhythms of belly dance to your next event or social gathering.

The joyful nature of Oriental dance allows our performers to participate in many celebrations in varied venues. It is an art form that brings people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures together.

Having an all-female gathering and evening of fun?

Having a belly dancer would be the perfect compliment to your party or hen’s night. Belly dance truly is a woman-centered art form – in the Middle East, belly dance is often performed by women, for women.

With vibrantly colored costumes that flow, sparkle, and shine…with music that can be lilting and lyrical, or dramatic and exciting…with movements subtle and swaying, or sharp and fast…the experience of belly dance really is entertaining and fun!

With soulful rhythms of Middle Eastern, Arabic culture and Oriental beats, let our dancers celebrate your next event!