On the 8th of January. we were invited to Manda’s Hens’ party, organized by good friend and bridesmaid, Stacey O’Dowd. The party was held at her mom’s house, just outside of New Plymouth. We had a dance circle, dance off with all hen’s in the lawn, on a good sunny and windy day. Alexandria and myself were impress with how ready to dance the girls were. Some were shy, but after the 1st music and workout, everyone was shimmying and rolling their hips, dancing to each other!

Hen’s party circle dance


Hen’s parties with bellydancing a fabulous! Its a great way to show some love, have ball, laughs and hugs. We love getting you girls exploring and expressing and remember its a fertility and celebration dance to each other!


We travel around Taranaki, New Plymouth, South & North Taranaki and come to your venue!

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