Ashleighs hens party

Looking for ideas while organising a hens party? Belly dance hens party has been a hit with the girls! On 2nd February, I was engage to entertain and instruct a lovely group of girls, friends, nanas, aunts to a surprise belly dance hen’s party. Ashleigh Green, bridesmaid of honour contacted me a month before and booked a belly dancing surprise party for their dear friend Sarah. Growing up together and most of them friends have moved away, working in other parts of the world and then reuniting prior the wedding was a great reconnecting and special occasion.

There was music, entertainment, a dance circle and instruction on how to move all our bodies to middle eastern, oriental and world music.  As soon as we got into a circle, a few courages ladies started dancing off each other. Fabulous energy and sensuality in the air. I also explained that it is a tradition that the more we belly dance to each other, the more love, well wishes we are sending to each other and to the bride.

After a couple of music, dance dares and games, everyone was shimmying away.  A belly dancing hen’s party is certainly one to remember!

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