Yes its finally summer! A time where our associates, friends and family gather together.

A time we have more daylight, weddings, work do and summer home parties… A time where the entertaining part of the year comes into full force.

Yes, it the time of the year for the usual entertainment mantra: “Eat, Drink and Be Merry”.

If you are searching for something different to excite your guests, associates, friends and family, how about bring some drumming and dancing to the table? (Excuse the pun.)

bellydance events

5th Element Dance Company and Rhythmik Journey would love to bring and share another culture, music and rhythm with you!

Last year, in November they were engaged in bringing interactive dancing and drumming for TDHB (Taranaki District Health Board) on their Health Information Association of New Zealand Conference Dinner at Waiau Estate Winery. Delegates came from all over New Zealand in the health professionals simply loved it! Everyone got up and danced, a few tried their hand at drumming. Even the guys got up to have a go at belly dancing!

Rosalina Pang of 5th Element Dance Company would love to get more people to experience different forms of dance and culture.

Originally from Singapore and now residing in Taranaki, she used to hire belly dancers as entertainers for events and entertainment.  “I was intrigued by the subtleness of the dancers; strength and coordination. Since I was a kid, I loved dancing. I decided to take up belly dancing as a form of fitness and art. I love to share it with others! Since 2004 she has been performing and conducting Bellydance for Fitness sessions in Singapore and since 2008 arriving in Taranaki.

“It has been one of my most exciting and rewarding pursuits.”

Kaali & Allan from Rhythmik Journey have been conducting weekly drumming circles. Allan is dedicated to the benefits of drumming, “It is really good for tuning into yourself.” By drumming to African and

Middle Eastern beats, the rhythms are both joyous and meditative. “It’s great for health, meditation and fun.” he proclaims. “It also allows you to listen, feel and drum to your inner beat.”

As collector and lovers of assortment of drums, we can bring Djembes (African), Darbuka (Middle Eastern) drums and other percussion instruments for your guests.

You may have caught both 5th Element and Rhymthik Journey in action at the TSB Festival of Lights early this year. Together with traditional oriental dance, “We are all about putting a big smile on your face and having a great time!”

So to get your hips moving, arms snaking and fingers drumming: Give us a call!