I have had two people I know recently describe belly dancing to me as “life-changing.”

I have to agree. I certainly know that it has changed my life.

I was only going to take a term of classes. I was introduced by a friend, and went along with another friend – just for fun.

And we did have fun! One term turned into two, and then three. Not only was I having fun, I was meeting some great people and getting a good workout as an added benefit.

Almost before I knew it, I was preparing for my first performance. I can’t describe the nerves I felt that night….and the triumph when it was over and we knew we had been a success. I look back at that first performance with a smile and a sense of pride. Not because my dancing was especially outstanding that night – it was good enough for a beginner – but because I can trace the change in my confidence and sense of self as they developed through that experience.

I don’t look back at that first public performance very often, however. I am too busy moving forward. Expanding myself as a dancer. Challenging myself to be ever more true to who I am.

Having fun with belly dance as it changes my life. Let it change your’s too!

By Sakinah

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