Party Planning tips

Party Entertainment comes in many forms and is the primary method of keeping guests and co-workers involved in your party.

You don’t want them to become bored, then the party is memorable in a bad way.

Games are very popular ways to keep those of all ages entertained.

The type of game will usually vary depending on the guests at your party.

Prizes as incentives would be a strong motivator for the games organized.

For example: Ladies would like rewards that could include a little pampering.

don’t have to be expensive. It could be a “forfeit “ too from a colleague to give a 3mins head and shoulder massage to a winner!

Very team bonding experience too!

It can be fun and energizing or

Music is another important form and part of party entertainment.

Slow and relaxing. You can influence the moods of your guests depending on what kind of music you play and when.

If you want the party to get started play something with a fast tempo and a strong beat.

If its late and you want to get everyone calmed down and out of the house so you can clean up start playing slow music.

They’ll either calm down or get bored and leave. Remember to play music that’s appropriate to the audience.

A great form of interaction and way to bring in hire some entertainment for your party.

Setting a theme to the party often engage and get the guest excited.

You could hire actors, dancers (us!) to enact a small drama and mingle with the guests.

Dance and Drum to a Different beat!

With 5th Element, we can bring dancers, entertainer, musicians and host a few games for your guests as well!

So if you are strapped for entertainment of want to get your guest dancing, drumming or just smiling and tapping to a different beat, let us know!

We can work something out to suit.Offer party planning ideas, register, usher guests, host games and teach some dance moves for impromptu (or planned) audience performance.

Get in touch and we work with you to jazz up, bellydance our way for your next social party!

Happy hips and happy planning!!!