-Which element do you feel like you embody the most? I feel that I embody fire energy, earth and metal personality naturally and often move through different elements at different stages of my life, depending on what I am doing or who I am with.

I believe that by being curious and informed, we can become aware of our natural elements. By accepting who we naturally are, the dominate element and others elements that we can choose to embody at the right time and space, is the key to our personal growth and development.

We can choose to grow, embody different elements as different times, as it serves us and become aware of the elements for others, along with the nutrients, organ functions to nourish through movement and diet.
Read on and discover it for yourself.

Five Elements Theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe connections and co-operations between each element. Each elements feeds the other and transition between one and the other as nature helps to generate or de-generate from one to the other. 


The five components – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – are accepted to be the basic components of everything in the universe.


Water is about receptivity moving with continuous, fluid movement, circles and spirals. This practice embodying fluidity and receptivity.

Water people are spontaneous. You are very gentle, smart and competent. You always think twice before you act.
Water people live a life full of ups and downs, and even may stray into dangerous situations but they always keep the faith.

Wood is reaching out like a tree stretching one’s edges and comfort zones to grow, connecting with the liver /Gall bladder.
Wood personalities are motivated, confident, earnest, generous, compassionate and good at diplomacy. Though can be unstable and like the wind.


Fire is practicing the power of letting go and chaos creative energy. connecting with the heart /small intestine
Fire personalities are confident, motivated and ambitious. They can share their fire and light up others, and can also easily be fiery and destroy relationships and bridges built. So control that temper and tame the fire for use to best serve and ignite a purposeful intention.


Earth is the doing, manifesting and accomplishing goals, connecting with the stomach spleen and pancreas.
Earth personalities are introverted and generous. Since the earth is wet and sticky, you always have the slow running vital energy and blood and the stable temperament. You are grounded, like to think, feel situations through before making any big decisions. People are drawn to your calming and grounding personality and see you as a solid, dependable person whom they can trust and rely upon to do the work and get things going.


Metal element is the practice of organising, self-inquisition and going deep with use of breathwork, connecting in with the lungs and large intestines. 
Metal people are great organisers and politicians. You are diplomatic, are directive and objective in your approach to situations and can put things into perspective. In heat of a situation, you hold your values well and do not waiver that easily.

~ Adapted and both 5 Element Dance and training by SheriMaui & BuzzMoy.


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